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To Submit:
Subject line: CASTING CALL – [role submitting for]

Budget is still being discussed but each role will pay between $100-$200 per day.
2 day shoot April 4th-5th (might not be needed both days)

Lenora (Appears 60-90 years old) – Hispanic Female [1 day shoot]
Lenora is a Cuban Mother and Grandmother. A fierce woman that also knows how to laugh. She’s a fighter but also very charming. Extremely assertive of her opinion. Very tender to her children and family but will woop them in shape without hesitation. MUST be able to work with powerful emotions. Very heavy scenes involved with this character including crying.


Manuel (Mid – late 20’s) – Hispanic Male
AKA Manny, is the baby of his siblings. He is definitely the more emotional and sensitive of them all. The only boy of 3 siblings, his father did his best to make him a “man” but Manny was always closer to his sister Isabella and his Mother. Manny adores his mother and is very attached to her, one might say Mama’s boy. He tends to argue with his eldest sibling Carmen quite a bit.


Isabella (late 20’s – early 30’s) – Hispanic Female
AKA Isa, the middle child. Much closer to her baby brother Manuel. She tends to let her 2 other siblings argue and make the decisions for the group. Isabella is a teacher and has a very tender heart and does not let confrontation upset her. She is the diffuser in family arguments.


Carmen (Mid 30’s) – Hispanic Female
Known only as Carmen, except her Father called her Carmencita. She never let anyone call her anything other than Carmen. The eldest of 3, she is very harsh in her ways but it’s all out of love. She was always close to her father and was raised to be the head of a household. She was incharge of babysitting her younger siblings since she was a child.


Antony (mid 30’s – late 30’s) – Hispanic Male
Antony is Carmen’s husband. Adored by Lenora, essentially her favorite child even though he was not born to her. Antony loves his wife but knows she can be very stubborn and strong willed so he usually just sits with Isabella and the kids when arguments happen. He loves dancing and singing, especially with his Mother in law Lenora. Antony is that fun guy that runs away from conflict till he’s had time to process it all. He is also a major gossip, another reason Lenora adores him.

Cristina (7 years old) – Hispanic Female
She has no time for play because she’s busy growing up and being an adult. 

Alejandro (4 years old) – Hispanic Male
Never wants story time to end.